Sometimes, the choices we make in life bring us unplanned circumstances. Life is full of uncertainty, and we all face difficult decisions at different times.

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, you may feel like your life has spiraled completely out of control. We have good news. You do have control over your next step, and you have options.

When you get your pregnancy test results, we can review each option and answer your questions. To feel confident in your decision, learn as much as possible about each option beforehand.


Abortion is usually the first option women consider when discovering an unplanned pregnancy. Out of fear or panic, they think this is their only option. Before deciding abortion is the answer, learn about the various procedures, side effects, and potential physical and emotional risks. Although we do not provide or refer for abortion, we can give you factual information. You deserve to know what to expect.


The process of adoption is very misunderstood. Women believe strangers take their children away, and they never see them again. Nothing can be further from the truth. Today, you get to select the potential adoptive couple and the future you want for your child. You can also choose to communicate openly to know you’ve made the right decision.


When you first learned you were pregnant, did you wonder for just a moment if you could parent your child? Guess what? Successful parenting is possible. We have several resources to assist you. You can take parenting classes, receive free material items, and have a life coach to walk alongside you as you navigate parenthood. Our community also offers tremendous resources.

Whether you need someone to discuss your options, answer your questions, or just hear your concerns, we are here for you.

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