Myths and misunderstandings surround adoption. Take some time to learn more about this option. Developing an adoption plan can empower you to create a positive future for yourself and your child.

Why Would I Consider Placing My Child for Adoption?

Adoption, like your other options, can be a difficult choice to make. It requires thorough counseling, a strong support network, and trust, but many women from all walks of life have chosen adoption.

In a recent survey, the women who were most satisfied with their choice said it was because they didn’t feel coerced and fully understood the process. The following are just a few of the reasons why women choose to make an adoption plan for their child:

  • They are already parenting one or more children and don’t have the resources for another.
  • They do not wish to parent but don’t want to abort either.
  • Their age (either too young or too old) prevents them from parenting.
  • A lack of financial, physical, and emotional support keeps them from parenting.
  • They are in an unsafe relationship or living situation.

Are There Different Adoption Plans?

There are three adoption plans you can modify to suit your personal needs. The type of plan you choose depends on the amount of communication you would like to have with the adoptive family and your child after the finalization of the adoption.

Open Adoption

This plan has become the most popular in recent years. Once you’ve determined that adoption is the right choice, you review the bios of potential adoptive couples.

You select the perfect couple based on what is important to you. Do you want your child to be raised in the city or on a farm? Should they be the oldest or have immediate siblings? What about hobbies, travel, education, and religion? You determine the future you want for your child.

You can meet the couple before giving birth to determine if you’ve made the right choice. You exchange identifying information like full names, phone numbers, emails, etc. Together, you can craft a Post-Adoption Contact Agreement that indicates how much contact you wish to have.

Semi-Open Adoption

A semi-open adoption is similar to open adoption but provides more privacy. You still select the potential adoptive couple, but you don’t share any identifying information. You can meet one another and communicate by mail, phone, email, or personal visits, but everything is handled through a third party.

For instance, if you choose to work with an adoption agency, your adoption coordinator will forward letters and emails or arrange phone calls and personal visits. You still have the opportunity to build a relationship with your child and their adoptive family, but you remain private.

Closed Adoption

With this plan, you remain entirely anonymous. The adoption coordinator you choose often selects the potential adoptive family for you. There is no exchange of personal information, and the courts seal the original birth certificate.

What’s My First Step?

We do not arrange adoptions, nor do we make money if you choose to place your child for adoption. We can provide helpful information and connect you with a reputable adoption agency to get you started.

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