Today’s youth are under tremendous pressure. Social media, convenient access to pornography, and drug and alcohol use add to their confusion and insecurity. We are determined to educate and protect the youth of Darke County through our Sexual Risk Avoidance program.

Reaching Our Community

Our unique Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) program is offered to all Darke County districts, reaching approximately 500 area high school students annually. The districts of Ansonia, Arcanum, Greenville, Mississinawa, and Tri-Village currently have the program presented to either their freshman or sophomore classes. 

“I Decide For Me”

The program presented by our trained SRA volunteers is called I Decide for Me. It aims to make each student aware of their true value and worth. Developed by Clarity, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization, the program focuses on the benefits of abstinence and the risks of being sexually active before marriage.

I Decide for Me also emphasizes making healthy choices that will result in living a life of sexual integrity. Topics such as drugs, alcohol, pornography use, and sharing of inappropriate content via social media are also discussed.

The curriculum teaches:

  • That abstaining from sexual activity until marriage is the healthiest lifestyle choice.
  • Students to have a holistic perspective (physical, emotional, mental, ethical, and social).
  • Students to identify and discuss critical topics with trusted, go-to adults.
  • The importance of self-imposed, preset boundaries.

This age-appropriate programming engages students with multimedia and interactive presentations that challenge them to explore the choices and consequences of sexual decision-making. The students are given tools and information to assist them in making healthy choices for themselves and their future spouses.

Teaching Your Children

I Decide for Me is a four-day, 50-minute or two-day, 90-minute program. If you would like to see this program presented in your school, please get in touch with us at (937) 547-1112.

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