If you are pregnant and thinking about abortion, there is information you need to know before proceeding. First, your options depend on how far along you are. 

An ultrasound can give you the information you need to know what type of abortion is possible for you and whether you have a complication that would require a different treatment method.

Our medical team at Darke County Pregnancy Help Center can provide a free pregnancy test and ultrasound. We will give you information on abortion and other options available. 

There are two types of abortion: medical and surgical. Here are the basic facts about each.

Medical Abortion

Also known as the “abortion pill,” a medical abortion is a combination of two drugs taken hours or days apart. The first, mifepristone, is usually given in a medical office or clinic; the second, misoprostol, is taken later at home. 

Mifepristone works to block the essential hormone progesterone. Since the pregnancy needs this hormone to continue, the uterine lining will begin to thin, and the pregnancy will detach and end.

Misoprostol causes contractions and abdominal cramping to expel the pregnancy and tissue from the uterus. Vaginal bleeding will occur as the pregnancy passes from the body. 

It is vital to note that there are conditions that rule out medical abortion as an option. These include:

  1. The FDA has only approved medical abortion for use within the first ten weeks (70 days) of pregnancy. After ten weeks, surgical abortion might be considered safer.
  2. A woman with an IUD should not have a medical abortion until after the IUD is removed.
  3. The pregnancy should be located in the uterus and not ectopic, as an abortion will not be able to treat this life-threatening condition.

Also, the abortion pill is not an option for women with certain health conditions or allergies. 

An ultrasound can determine your pregnancy gestation (how far along you are) and the location (whether or not you have an ectopic pregnancy) to protect your health and safety.

Surgical Abortion

Several types of surgical abortions can be performed based on the pregnancy’s gestational age. Two of the main ones are:

  1. Dilation and Curettage (D&C)- Performed in the early stages of pregnancy, the cervix is dilated (opened), and a physician removes the pregnancy and related tissue from the uterus using a surgical instrument called a curette. Sometimes, suction is used. 
  1. Dilation and Evacuation (D&E)- This is performed later in pregnancy and is much like a D&C, except that more surgical tools, such as forceps, may be required to remove all the fetal tissue. 

Considering Your Options?

Darke County Pregnancy Help Center is here for you! You deserve to know the facts before making a decision about your pregnancy. 

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